The 1988 3 Point Contest with Dale Ellis

"Which one of you guys is playing for second?" In 1988, Larry Bird shot the lights out to win his third straight 3-point contest... in his warm-up jacket. Dale Ellis, a 17-year NBA veteran, 1987's NBA Most Improved Player, a 1989 NBA All-Star and All-NBA Selection, and the Godfather of the 3-point shot joins the pod to break down competing with Larry Bird in 1988, playing Michael Jordan, his advice to young shooters, and his love of butter pecan ice cream.

(9:37) Dale's All-star experience
(11:06) Critiquing the modern all-star game
(13:39) Returning to Milwaukee and playing with Ray Allen 
(15:55) Competing against Michael Jordan
(17:30) Dale's favorite city to play in
(19:43) Wanting the last shot
(22:00) Dale's favorite announcer
(23:09) The biggest trash talker in the NBA
(24:04) Dale's love of Tennis
(27:50) Adding the 3-pt shot to his game and the origin of the 3-pt game in the NBA
(31:12) Dale Ellis' advice to young shooters 
(35:06) Dale's favorite shooters
(37:54) Losing to Larry Bird
(41:38) Larry Bird's warm-up jacket and "Who's coming in second?"
(50:07) Larry's confidence and shooting form 
(52:09) The beauty of Dale's shooting form
(53:19) Controlling your emotions on the floor
(57:16) Craig Hodges 19 straight 3's 
(59:57) "This or That" with Dale Ellis
(1:05:36) Dale Ellis' Late Night Snack
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