The Beastquake with Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch's Beast Quake is one of the greatest runs in NFL history. "Beast Mode" joins the pod to talk about his legendary 67-yard touchdown against the New Orleans Saints that registered on a seismograph, his favorite Filipino food (5:33), playing Ray Lewis for the first time (50:25), and why he would be studied by Aliens (35:31).
 Showtime codes: (5:33) Marshawn's Favorite Filipino Food(6:03) Are Neil and Marshawn best friends? (6:17) Marshawn talks about not getting the ball at the end of the SB49
(7:38) What do people say to Marshawn when they see him? (12:33) Marshawn breaks down "hatfishing"(16:58) Marshawn tells the story of ruining a car by drifting (18:50) Marshawn’s surprising favorite sport and his favorite athlete of all time (29:26) Marshawn's thoughts on the legendary run (30:26) Marshawn’s favorite stat from the Beastquake (35:31) Why Marshawn would be studied by Aliens(43:38) “I played running back, but I hated running.” (44:19) Marshawn’s favorite football play of all time. (48:26) The defensive players Marshawn wished he could have played against (50:25) Marshawn’s story about playing Ray Lewis for the first time (52:26) A Beast Mode come back?(52:53) Marshawn on his memorable media quotes (58:25) Marshawn on what made the beast quake impressive (58:55) Marshawn addresses his infamous Beastquake celebration (1:01:45) Marshawn and The Scientist (1:03:07) Did Marshawn throw money on a table for his offensive linesman after the beast quake run? (01:04:44) Marshawn’s movie pitch! (01:06:11) Marshawn Lynch and the 2 liter bottle of root beer  

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