The Best First Pitch in Baseball History? with George Anagnostakos

Jordan Leandre survived a rare cancer diagnosis as a child, became a beloved member of Red Sox Nation, and then threw perhaps the best first pitch in baseball history. TV writer/producer George Anagnostakos breaks down this moment in painstaking detail, discusses the importance of the stadium organ (55:50), and assembles his Dream Team of movie character basketball players (01:07:35).
Showtime Codes:
(13:13) AFV is YouTube before YouTube  (19:41) Why shortstop is an excellent phrase  (23:00) Jordan's pitch: cocky or comfortable? (25:50) Bad first pitches are the modern day public execution  (32:00) "Yeeehk" - the sound Jordan's face made  (39:23)  Neil and George moonlight as foley artists (40:50) Wally the Green Monster can't take his eyes off the ball (46:40) "Marshawn Lynch correctly identified me as a coward"  (46:49) George is the guy in Marshawn's prank videos at Ike's and the sneaker store (55:50) Did the organ player play a special note? (01:03:50) Devil's advocate: Other bad first pitches  (01:05:50) Is Conor McGregor's first pitch the worst? (01:07:35) Brand New segment: DREAM TEAM (01:18:22) Special Guest Anthony Capobianco joins the pod!  (01:19:25) Anthony pinpoints the place of impact on his body (01:28:00) Wally's burning question: "how close was it to the family jewels?" (01:32:49) George's impression of Jeffrey Tambor in Muppets from Space

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