The Cleveland Summit with Michael Harriot

In 1967, some of the greatest athletes of all-time from Jim Brown to Bill Russell joined in solidarity to support Muhammad Ali's refusal to fight in the Vietnam War. Michael Harriot, writer and podcaster, joins the pod to discuss this historic sports moment, why Bill Russell is the GOAT, and how Twitter is the perfect place for an argument. 

Showtime Codes:
(07:12) Discussing the History of the Term Drapetomania
(19:22) Do Neil and Michael Know Any 22 Year Olds?
(22:18) "There really is no comparison"
(27:20) What is the Cleveland Summit?
(34:09) Bill Russell is the GOAT
(34:41) Was Red Auerbach even a good coach?
(35:36) Is Bill Russell the greatest high jumper of all-time?
(40:12) Bill Russell walked so MJ could run
(40:55) The Butterfly Effect of Bill Russell
(45:18) The Dominance of Jim Brown
(49:38) The Trial of Muhammad Ali
(53:41) The most important clerical error in sports history
(57:43) Ali's return covered up an FBI break-in
(59:34) The magic of "not knowing" 
(01:00:59) Athletes and Racial Justice
(01:07:47) Training with Bruce Lee
(01:11:09) Twitter is a place for an argument
(01:05:39) Michael's Favorite White Person

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