The Clippers' Secret Tunnel with Trill Withers

In 2018, Twitter nearly exploded when Chris Paul led the Houston Rockets through a "secret tunnel" into the Clippers locker room at Staples Center. NBA Twitter Legend and host of the Trill Withers Show, Trill Withers himself, joins the pod to discuss this iconic NBA moment, breaks down his favorite fast food joint, and Shaq's elite abilities. 

Showtime Codes:
(11:44) Covering the One Championship
(12:59) Fast Food Bracket
(17:00) Neil's Shake Shack Offer
(22:04) A Round of Baseball Names!
(26:46) The Snarky Nature of Chris Paul
(28:52) Pat Beverly's loud silence
(33:36) Blake Griffin: a civil war survivor
(36:02) Who wrote that..? 
(40:59) Inside the NBA
(42:07) Shaq's elite skill
(46:48) The SNL of the NBA 
(49:42) Playing for your Dad
(53:00) The Best NBA Twitter Moments
(01:03:01) Trill's Favorite Fast Food Chain

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