The Invention of the T-Shirt Cannon with Michael Torpey

Is there a greater feeling than catching a projectile from a mascot's T-shirt Cannon? Actor and Writer, Michael Torpey, joins the pod to explain why Tim Derk's contribution to the world of sports is First Ballot Hall of Fame worthy, his epic home run catches, and working with Michael Jordan. 
(00:48) 2023 Nuggets vs "The Bubble" Lakers (06:09) Intro Take Two (07:38) A Special Ad Read (10:12) Fired from Applebees (15:30) The ups and downs of acting and Michael's dream job (17:47) Michael Torpey on Law and Order: SVU (21:02) Michael Torpey's Growth Spurt (26:27) Tim Derk NBA Legend  (29:30) The importance of Mascot Names (36:05) Tim Derk becoming the Spurs Mascot (40:52) The Wild Wild West of the NBA (44:24) The T-Shirt Cannon Patent (47:55) Michael Torpey's epic home run catch  (49:29) Michael Torpey catches ANOTHER home run catch and saves a woman's life (55:10) Legit weapons set to party mode  (56:05) Australia confiscates T-shirt cannons (01:05:43) Neil's Free T-Shirt Story  (01:11:12) The Universal Joy of Free Shirts (01:15:10) The Michael Jordan Hanes Commercial  (01:21:47) Learning from Uzo Aduba (01:24:15) Being the President of the United States  (01:28:48) Shooting Hot Dogs out of T-Shirt Cannons (01:33:31) Air Cannon Injuries (01:39:53) Torpey's Favorite Beverage (01:42:01) Comedy Actor Mount Rushmore (01:43:49) Torpey's secret ingredient for Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches

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