TJ Ford's Gigantic Uniform with TJ Ford

Every draft season, we are reminded of the 2003 NBA Draft for one iconic reason: gigantic shorts. First Ballot is joined by a very special guest, NBA icon, TJ Ford who talks about his rookie photoshoot, his dunk attempt on Kobe Bryant, and his favorite NBA teammates. 
Showtime Codes:
(06:52) The Story Behind the Iconic Shorts (13:32) 2005 Swag (15:45) TJ's Best Game (17:21) TJ "Dunking" on Kobe Bryant (19:32) The Draft Day Experience (23:33) Great NBA Passers (24:57) Going through the Rookie Year Photoshoot (29:47) First Ballot's new popular game: Versus  (33:35) Best NBA Trash Talker (35:13) Real or Fake: 2003 NBA Draft Edition  (38:25) NBA Career Development (41:23) TJ's Favorite Cereal

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