Upon Further Review with Nick Bernstein

It's the season 1 finale of First Ballot! We're celebrating with 4x guest, CBS Vice President of Late Night, Nick Bernstein, who joins the pod to discuss the unimpeachable moments of the First Ballot: Hall of Fame and which moments should be revoked. 

Showtime Codes:
(16:44) Will Neil get a co-host?
(20:51) Hardest part of the show 
(26:26) Nick's review: the unimpeachable First Ballot episodes
(32:34) Why First Ballot is so nostalgic 
(36:00) Why Nick went to Fargo, ND
(37:14) Is Neil too generous with dunks in the First Ballot: Hall of Fame? 
(38:18) Neil and Nick take a closer look at First Ballot moments
(46:05) The first moment to be removed from the First Ballot: Hall of Fame
(55:15) What Neil believes could be the best college play in basketball history 

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