Point God Chris Paul Gives Fan His Jersey After Scoring 24 2nd Half Points In GM3 Win

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Chris Paul

Chris Paul was and still is a point God. He’s arguably still the best point guard in the game. I can rave about him more than Doc Rivers but my one big issue with his game is I think he should look for his shot more and act a little more like a Westbrook than a John Stockton.

On Friday night, against Stockton’s old team, he played how I like to see him play and scored 24 of his season-high 34 points in the second half of a GM3 victory for the Clippers. He also dished out 10 assists and grabbed seven boards. The best part about his stat line was seeing he shot over 50% (12-22fg) and only turned the ball over three times.

“He has an amazing will,” Rivers said. “He’s just a tough guy. He’s stubborn in a very, very positive way. All the great ones have that in them. They’re stubborn like they aren’t going to lose.”

Tough, stubborn and Doc forgot to mention CP3 can be a real a$$hole on the court. But it’s because he just wants to win for himself, his teammates and fans, like this kid who went home with a CP3 jersey.


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