POLL: Did the Lakers pay too much for Kobe Bryant? (2yrs – $48.5 million)

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Kobe Bryant
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$48 million over 2 years might initially sound high for the 35 year old Kobe Bryant but $328 million for Kobe Bryant playing his entire amazing career as a Laker is a steal!  When talking about Kobe’s worth to the Lakers, what he does on the court is just one of many things that determines his value and considering the Lakers are one of the only two teams that’s worth a billion dollars, I would say the compensation Kobe is given when he becomes the first player to play two decades with one NBA team is still a bargain.

So if you think Kobe isn’t worth every dollar that the Lakers organization can afford to give him then you would also be disagreeing with this Kobe fan below and do you really want to disagree with her?

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Source: CBS Sports

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