Prankster gives away Retro Jordans in Compton

Earlier in the month, I was going off on YouTube content makers that specialize in prank videos that focused on messing with people in “the hood.”  The viral video in particular that pissed me off so much was called “Stepping on Jordans in the Hood Prank!”  I said the only thing I find more offensive than these idiot “pranksters” assaulting people for personal gain and putting victims in a predicament where they might get arrested for assault, is the fact that these idiots think it’s funny to go into “the hood” and make videos that will do nothing but spawn racist comments and comments from people who want to see violence.

For me, the most painful part of the video isn’t the beatdowns, but hearing the “prankster” apologize and start yelling “it’s just a joke” as if everybody is supposed to start smiling and asking where’s the camera at. I can just imagine if one of the guys with the Jordans did a video called “Grabbing purses in the suburbs prank!” and in the video he walks up to older white women and grabs their purses and while the women scream and call the police, he just says “it’s a joke. what’s the problem?”

A couple of days ago I came across another “hood” video by a “prankster” and I can’t tell you how HAPPY this one made me. It’s by BigDawsTV and it’s called “Giving Away Jordans.”  Sadly, the video only has 150k views so far (compared to over 2 million that the racist prank video has), so I’m hoping I can give this video and channel as much exposure as possible as a thank you.

Here’s what BigDaws had to say about the video and the recent trend of prank vids I was complaining about.

Hey guys! I am about to hit 500,000 subscribers so I wanted to do an awesome giveaway! I am tired of seeing pranks go wrong in the hood making black people look bad, in which most of the time they are fake anyways. Just in case you guys don’t know, I have inside ears to the prank world so I know that most of the big pranksters videos are fake, here at BigDawsTv we keep it 100% real. I don’t like the video “Stepping on People’s Jordans” So I kind of had the idea to make up for it by going into Compton and give away Retro Air Jordans. We went to FootLocker and bought 6 pairs and had gift receipts put in the boxes just incase then wanted to return them for a different size or color. I had an awesome time making the video, people thought it was too good to be true at first so they were a bit skeptical in their reaction but they were all very grateful. Thank you all for giving me so much support.

Here’s more good stuff from BigDaws

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