Timberwolves Singing to Britney Spears

We’re officially under the 50 day mark until the 2013-2014 NBA season kicks off. With how fast summer went by, it’s safe to say this offseason has been pretty painless as far as waiting goes. Now, if you’re a Celtics fan, that’s a different story and I feel to you, to an extent.

With 46 days left until Derrick Rose and the Bulls travel down to South Beach to begin a process of trying to dethrone the king, LeBron James, and company. But before we begin to get serious with your preseason guess–yes, at this point you’re not predicting, you’re guessing–let’s have a little fun with a look back at the 2011-2012 Minnesota Timberwolves squad attempting to sing to Britney Spears’ biggest hit, “Hit Me Baby One More Time.”

[jwplayer player=”2″ mediaid=”49684″]

This has to be one of the best videos on the internet, still. Something about Rubio awkwardly swaying back and fourth with a puzzled look on his face while Britney sings in the background just makes life seem better. But perhaps the best part of this is when  Pekovic says, “I don’t like this,” and points to his headphones. This whole video is worth watching at least a few times, so I’ll let you decide. What’s really the best part about this?


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