Producers Hustle & Drone mashed Damian Lillard’s 4-Bar Friday freestyles & it sounds pretty good

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Damian Lillard

This sounds like a disaster right. Electronic trio Hustle and Drone downloaded a bunch of random Freestyles by Damian Lillard on his weekly 4-Bar Friday drops and then added a beat, some music and a chorus to make a music video.  Well, the results are pretty good and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was good enough for the league’s best rapper to give the Portland producers a call to make some official tracks for Lillard’s upcoming album.

If he does, I think he should invite Natalie Banks to be on it and in a video since they had a pretty cool rap battle earlier in the year.

I’m sure the following video by Hustle and Drone isn’t the cup of tea for most of our visitors but I personally like the song and VHS style video.