Proof Refs Will Call Travelling On A Wide-Open Dunk

Terrence Ross is lucky Shaqtin’ A Fool doesn’t have a pre-season episode because if they did, the former slam dunk champion would be a strong candidate for an appearance after this steal and called off windmill dunk against the Clippers on Sunday.

What I find funnier than the ref actually calling double dribbling is the fact that refs rarely ever call travelling on wide-open dunks – especially during a preseason game with a team up by 20.

Oh well, at least Ross got to celebrate this ankle-breaker  on Jamal Crawford – unless you want to take the fun out of it and point out that Ross hit Crawford with his shoulder.


Let’s look back at two of the most recent popular dunks not called for travels. Obviously Corey Brewer was going to have one of them and LeBron the other but it was tough picking just 1 LeBron clip.

Latrell Sprewell was another candidate but I couldn’t find a clip to show. So instead, ill just show one of his typical angry breakaway dunks.

I also think it’s worth bringing up this double dribble, travel and out of bounds play by Lance Thomas.