Puma Blaze of Glory "DKNSTRKT" Pack

The Puma Blaze of Glory should not be slept on.  Mark my words because I own a pair.  Everytime I lace them up I get the legitimate question, "WHAT'RE THOOSE?"  Seriously, it's happened.  Not only do they look good but they are comfy as hell.  Puma has already distributed a multitude of colorways recently, Puma now brings you the "DKNSTRKT" pack feature two colorways.  A black silhouette constructed of leather with mesh paneling and perforations for serious breathability.  The second colorway features a light brown leather of the same materials just different colorway.  Want to turn heads and smirk at your homies because you're rocking heat?  Don't sleep on these Pumas.  Set for a drop on September 4th, be ready, don't sleep.

blz blz blz blz