Pusha T not a fan of today’s NBA Superteams

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The majority of Pusha T’s work a decade was produced by The Neptunes and nowadays you will probably spot him rhyming along side mega producer Kanye West but don’t think he’s jumping on a bandwagon or trying to be a part of some new superteam.  The Clipse member spoke to SI recently about his issues with today’s NBA game and players creating superteams.

This new style of basketball: the teams and the trading and players getting together to be on one team, trying to create the superteam. I’m just not into that. The musical chairs, it’s like, you can’t actually love a team because either the players or the owner are always thinking so far ahead in trying to be better for the next year or the years to come. Like you couldn’t tell my dad in the years of Magic and Worthy that [the Lakers weren’t] the best team. You couldn’t say anything about his team. Now I feel like these days, we have LeBron have a 60-plus-win season with Cleveland, then he goes to a team that’s already made their mark. I just feel like you can love the players, but you can’t honestly love the team, the franchise, like you once could because of all the musical chairs.

To read the rest of the interview and learn about Pusha’s passion for Tennis go to: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2012/writers/bryan_armen_graham/08/25/pusha.t.interview/index.html#ixzz24lzhKVmI

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