Quavo’s Best Basketball Videos + Migos & Chance The Rapper Play Knockout For $100K!?

Quavo has game. Like he should be in the NBA Celebrity basketball game. Most of the sports world learned that over the past 24 hours as a video mix of him playing in a pick-up game with Shareef O’Neal went viral.

The hip-hop world has known about Quavo’s game for a while, from previous popular videos such as him and the rest of Migos playing a game of knockout with Myles Turner and Chance The Rapper for $100k!?

I can’t confirm they actually played for $100k but if they were, Offset has no business trying to play for that type of money.

There’s also this crazy video of Quavo, who was a standout quarterback in high school, throwing a football into a basketball court that’s probably at least 40 feet away.

And here’s a few bonus clips including Quavo playing in the 2015 Ludacris celebrity game, beating Torey Lanez 1-on-1 and Migos playing H-O-R-S-E against the Lakers’ Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson.