Rafal Lipinkski throws down the between the legs off the bounce dunk at 2014 BBL Cup Final

You might recognize the name "Lipek" or Rafal Lipinkski from a few of our previous posts about dunks contests including the 2013 VBL dunk contest or 2013 And1 Remix Dunk Contest from September.  If not, here's a good introduction video for Lipek who is one of the best dunkers in the world.

The 6'2" Lipek competed in the 2014 BBL Cup Final dunk contest this weekend and threw down a pretty impressive between the legs off the bounce.  Believe it or not, the judges weren't that impressed and Lipek failed to advance to the next round.

Thanks to HoopsFix for the footage and be on the lookout for more footage from the event soon.  If you want to see a recap of 2013 for Lipek then check out the following video.



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