Rajon Rondo Denies Trying To Trip Jae Crowder, Says He Was Just Stretching Because Of His ACL Injury

Did injured Rajon Rondo just try to trip Jae Crowder? Most would agree he was and then say, “that’s just Rondo being Rondo.”

When asked about the trip after the game, Rondo replied with a dead a$$ serious face, “When you tear an ACL, your legs get stiff on you every once in a while. I stretched my leg out, I also do that throughout the game. I guess he was so deep into our bench, it looked maybe whatever may have happened.”

Sure, let’s take a trip down memory lane and check out this video of Rondo trying to trip Deron Williams.

And Rockets fans might remember him trying to do the same thing to Josh Smith in 2015 and Smith is a good friend and former teammate of his.