Rajon Rondo Is Still An Awful Free Throw Shooter, Shoots Airball From the Free Throw Line

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Nelison Anderson Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo may be wearing a new uniform this season but when it comes to the free throw line, he’s the same Rondo who shot 45% last season and 33% the season before that.

On Saturday night, Rondo only made 1 of 4 free attempts and even shot an airball on one of them.  It’s pretty mind-boggling trying to understand how a guard could be so bad from the charity stripe.

“I don’t have a clue, really — still trying to figure it out,” said Rondo after missing 2 big free throws in a loss to the Celtics last season. “I continue to work on my game, and especially get some more free throws up.”

At least with former NBA guard Nick Anderson, we know he became a horrible free throw shooter because he missed 4 in a row during game 1 of the 1995 NBA Finals and that game scarred him for life.

In Rondo’s case, he doesn’t have one of those moments. I think his biggest issue is he continues to change his routine without ever giving enough time to one of them.