Rajon Rondo with the no-look-over-the-shoulder assist to Ellis

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Rajon Rondo Danny Manning

“If I would have had half the turnovers I had tonight, they probably wouldn’t have been in the game.” said Rondo after almost having one of those triple doubles you don’t ever want to get as a guard – the ones with 10 turnovers.

Against the Magic on Wednesday night, he finished with 8 turnovers to go with 9 points and 11 assists but 1 of those assists was a pass of the night nominee.  The full-court-no-look-over-the-shoulder pass also took me back to 1992 when the Clippers Danny Manning made the #1 play on the Top 10 Countdown on NBA Action (I miss that show) with a similar play.

Rondo also got the bench excited when he threw down a rare dunk with the Mavs in the first quarter.