Ramon Sessions Goes for 20 & 11 | Last Laker guards to go 20 & 10

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Let’s start this off by saying Derek Fisher was a huge factor in all of the Laker championships since 2000 and deserves all the praise in LA he can get.  With that said in 2012,  having Ramon Sessions replace Derek Fisher on the current LA roster could turn into the most important NBA transaction of the year especially if the Lakers win another ring.

I’ve been saying for years that Sessions is an underrated player and after last night’s 20pt 6reb 11ast game he’s on the borderline of becoming overrated.  I’m not taking away anything from what Ramon is doing but I wanted to look back and see how many Laker guards besides Kobe Bryant have put together a 20 & 10 game since the departure of Nick Van Exel.  Well, the list isn’t that long.

  • Ramon Sessions 2012: 20pts 11ast
  • Chucky Atkins 2005: 26pts 10ast
  • Chucky Atkins 2005: 25ps 11ast
  • Gary Payton 2004: 23pts 10ast
Non guards
  • Pau Gasol 2010: 2opts 10ast
  • Lamar Odom 2006: 23pts 10ast
Kobe Bryant has done it 47 times since 2000. 15 of them were triple doubles.  Here’s a couple of the best games
  • 23pts 15ast 11rebs
  • 36pts 14ast 10rebs
  • 45pts 10ast 8rebs
  • 44pts 11ast
  • 44pts 10ast
  • 33pts 12ast 15rebs
As for Nick Van Exel, he accomplished this 31 times between 93-2000
As for Magic Johson he’s done it too many times to look up but I will point out that he has 9 20/20 games and 1 30/20 game.
  • 32pts 20ast 11rebs
  • 24pts 24ast 6rebs 2stl 2blks
  • 24pts 24ast 8rebs 6stls (only 3to)


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