Ben Simmons + Kanye + Funny Rap Lyrics = Lakers Tank Anthem

Don’t mind the coach
You got to know, he’s gonna be gone, byee

That’s one of the amusing lines in the Lakers’ Tank Anthem by Nick Angstadt  & Donald Green called “Ben Simmons’ Comin’ Here.” Although this parody of Kanye West’s “The Good Life” probably wont be played in Byron Scott’s Sony Walkman, i’m pretty sure D’Angelo Russell will love it. Last year’s #2 pick and next year’s #1 pick were teammates at Montverde Academy.

So Ben Simmons what’s good?
Reunited with D’Angelo we know that you would

Another former Laker and rapper who might enjoy this song about the current LSU star is Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq was one of the most dominant college players ever during his time at LSU and helped LA win 3 championships. I’m not saying Ben will be as good as Shaq or make the Lakers immediate contenders but atleast Lakers fans will once again have hope of seeing another winning season.

Have you ever popped Champagne after a game
While making it rain?
Probably not cause you’re, only, what? Just. 19