Rare Dr J highlights vs the Jazz from 1980-1986 | Monster dunk on 7’4″ Mark Eaton

Players in this post:
Julius Erving Mark Eaton

It looks like the release of the exceptional NBATV film ‘The Doctor’ about Julius Erving has inspired a lot of people to dig up and distribute their rare findings (pics, memorabilia, video) of Dr J.   Here’s some rare footage from 3 decades ago that I have never seen of Dr J gliding and dunking on the Utah Jazz from 1980-85 including an absolutely sick dunk on 7’4″ Mark Eaton at the 35 second mark.

Earlier in the week, I wrote about how social media and YouTube could possibly prevent great current players from becoming “legends” because every move and moment is caught by a camera and documented, as opposed to past legends that all we have is limited footage and stories that get better as time goes by due to exaggerations and personal mental notes by the storytellers.

With that said, one of the greatest things about YouTube and social media, is being able to find and share rare footage of past legends – decades and many stories later.




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