6'7 Rashaun Stimage is Chicago's best senior! (Farragut HS)

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Kevin Garnett Ronnie Fields

Ultra-athletic 6'7 Rashaun Stimage is the most versatile, and most electrifying high school senior in Chicago, but you haven't see him nationally ranked or profiled anywhere else (until now?)! He's averaging 18 points per game for Chicago Public League (Red West) perennial powerhouse Farragut Career Academy (Kevin Garnett & Ronnie Fields' alma mater). After watching these highlights from the first part of the Admirals' season (versus Chicago's elite teams: Simeon, Orr, De La Salle, Crane and Indiana's top team Gary Bowman), Rashaun Stimage displays what's great about Chicago Public League basketball: fierce competition. In his words: "Every game is like a fight."
Look for more coverage of Farragut basketball this season on ballislife.com.

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