Recap of Kobe Bryant’s Live Twitter session during 81 point game “I could of scored 100”

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Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant might have been late to the Twittersphere but he’s the first basketball player to do what we have been begging players to do a for a while: live tweet during special events. That special event Kobe was watching live and discussing with the world of Twitter was his famous 81 point “Salvador Dali” masterpiece against the Raptors in 2006.

He posted 20 pretty amusing tweets during the rebroadcast on NBATV,  including a response to Shaq, who asked him if he woke up and said “I’m a hit 80 today, Jalens guarding me.”  Most of his non reply tweets averaged over 2k retweets within minutes and his most popular tweet about missing easy shots prevented him from getting a 100 points racked up over 10k retweets and 3k favorites.  If you were one of the thousands of people that asked Kobe a question that wasn’t answered, just look at this: @KobeBryant was tweeted 12,565 times, Kobe Bryant 10,542 times and Kobe + Dwight 358 times just today as of 7pm.

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