Red Auerbach Made An Anti-Flopping Video 40 Years Ago

Legendary coach Red Auerbach has probably been rolling in his grave since his passing in 2006. The man with 16 rings (9 as a coach and 7 as an executive) hated flopping. He hated it so much that he gathered a few NBA greats like Wes Unseld and Elvin Hayes and created an anti-flopping section on his “Red on Roundball” video decades before LeBron and Manu stepped onto an NBA court and even a decade before Vlade “King of Flopping” Divac entered the league.

“Coaches today in high school, college and pro, are teaching the players how to fall! This is unreal! They are teaching them how to fall!”

Red even brings out Hall of Fame referee Mendy Rudolph to provide his commentary on a few flopping scenarios.

“We’ve got to stop this sort of play in the NBA,” says Rudolph.

An intense Red agrees and then addresses the viewers by saying, “This segment is not aimed at referees, believe me. It’s aimed at coaches, it’s aimed at players. What are we going to do about it? Let’s clean this thing up! Let’s not hurt the game.”

Sorry, Red…