Rapper Cam’Ron was a “Killa” on the court in high school

If you follow streetball and the dunking scene then you know Guy Dupuy and Werm are two of the most exciting and best dunkers in the world.  Along with James White, they make up 2 of the 3 best off l leg dunkers too.  What you might not know about rapper Cam’ron – one of the stars of this new Reebok commercial with Guy and Werm – is that Killa Kam in 1994 was a top 25 All-American high school basketball player (according to Cam in this ESPN interview).  He was also a basketball teammate of rapper Mase (back then known as Murda Mase) before they formed the little known but supergroup Children of the Corn with Big L and McGruff, and long before he became Puff Daddy’s teammate.

20 years after his Summer days of playing Marbury and Skip to my Lou and being scouted by the University of Miami, Cam’Ron and Dipset teammate Juelz Santana got to show off their hoop skills in this Reebok Christmas ad.

If you want to read more about Cam’Ron’s basketball days, click here to read a great article on SlamOnline.




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