Reebok Classic Experience: Shaq, Nerlens Noel and Cam’Ron coaching at Rucker park | 1994 flashback

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Nerlens Noel Shaquille O’Neal

Flashback to 1994, Cam’Ron (b/k/a Killa Kam) was a top 25 All-American basketball player (according to Cam in this ESPN interview) in high school.  He was also a basketball teammate of rapper Mase (back then known as Murda Mase) before they formed the little known but supergroup Children of the Corn with Big L and McGruff and long before he became Puff Daddy’s teammate.  

During that same year, Shaquille O’Neal, playing for the Orlando Magic, was averaging 29 points a game on his way to his first NBA finals.  The perception is Shaq was dominated by Hakeem but Shaq had a 29pts, 13rebs, 6asts and 3blks average in the finals with a 26 point 16 rebound 9 assist game 1 and 33 point 12 rebound 7 assist game 2.  That’s right, Hakeem didn’t and never did “dominate” Shaq. 

As for Nerlens Noel, he was just a baby. The future NBA star was born in April of 1994 so it’s safe to say he didn’t watch any Shaq in Orlando games and didn’t own a Children of the Corn mixtape.

Flashforward 20 years to the 11th of this month and Reebok gathered the 3 hoopers to be coaches at the 2nd annual Reebok Breakout Camp vs EBC All-Star Game.

Shaq and his Breakout Camp team won 95-73.

shaq-reebok 2014 Reebok Classic All-Star Basketball Tournament 2014 Reebok Classic All-Star Basketball Tournament reebok-classic-rucker-11

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