Reebok releases a Shaqnosis "Escape from LA" Sneaker & Cartoon

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Reebok is making the most of every dollar spent on their 2nd go around with their 90's ballers like Shawn Kemp and Shaquille O'Neal.  Reebok's latest "retro" release titled "Escape From LA" pays tribute to the trade that sent Shaq away from  Kobe and to Dwyane Wade.   They even put out a cartoon, with some great artwork by Tyree Dillihay, that rewrites history a bit by showing Shaq driving  to Miami with Reebok sneakers on.

Reebok dropped Shaq in 1998 after his initial six year contract was up.  The next year, Shaq made a deal with Starter (which was bought by Nike) to put out his value brand Dunkman shoes for people that couldn't afford to pay $100+ for his Reebok sneakers.  Since Shaq owned the trademark on the dunkman logo that Reebok was using, he was able to keep it and use it on the Starter sneakers as well as shoes put out by Chinese company Li-Ning who Shaq signed with in 2006 after his Miami Heat teammate Damon Jones introduced them.

li-ning-shaq-zone-miami-heat-03-620x413 li-ning-shaq-zone-miami-heat-02-620x413

Then in 2011, Li-Ning put out a retro "Miami Heat" Shaq colorway in honor of the retired Shaq's time in South Beach and now Reebok is doing the same but with these "Escape for La" sneakers that will be released on the 18th with a price of $115.  Funny how that journey worked.


We can't talk about "escaping from LA" without bringing up the awful basketball scene from the 1996 John Carpenter film "Escape From LA."  Carpenter has about 5 films from the 70s and 80s in my top 50 but like the Lakers, the Laker fan wasn't having much success in the 90s and here's one of those fails.



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