REF FAIL: Clippers Collide & A Foul Is Called On The Raptors

One of the worst calls of the season happened during the Raptors and Clippers on Sunday. With the Clips down by 14 near the end of the first half, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute ran into teammate DeAndre Jordan and was rewarded with two free throws after the refs called a foul on Jonas Valanciunas for standing in front of Jordan.

Luc stepped up to the line, made both of his free throws and at the end of the quarter, the Clips were only outscored 35-15. They would go on to lose 94-112 and Luc Richard finished with just 6 points.  Jonas had 20 points, 8 rebounds, 5 fouls (if you count the one above) and 1 lefty hook shot which had Jonas staring at his own hand in disbelief.



Seeing that phantom foul on Jonas instantly reminded me of this amusing Jonas/Ref moment from earlier in the season.

And we can't discuss DeAndre Jordan and bad calls without bringing up this Linsane no-call on Jeremy Lin.