Dion Waiters Got Away With “The Worst Missed Call In Playoff History,” Refs Admit Mistake

Do you think Chris Webber thinks this was an offensive foul?

Shaqtin’ a Fool legend Dion Waiters almost had his most Shaqtin career moment, but thankfully the confused refs didn’t call an offensive foul when he pushed Manu Ginobili on an inbounds play with 13.5 seconds remaining in Game 2 and thankfully the Spurs didn’t score after he still turned the ball over after jumping (also a violation) on the inbounds play and committing the offensive foul. An offensive foul Magic Johnson tweeted was “the worst missed call in playoff history.” An offensive foul that led Mark Cuban to tweet “if that happened to us on a throw in we would already have the protest written. Misapplication of throw In rule. If only to make a point.” An offensive foul so unusual, lead ref  Ken Mauer admitted after the game it was something they have never seen before.

“On the floor, we did not see a foul on the play,” Mauer told a pool reporter. “However, upon review we realize and we agree we should have had an offensive foul on the play. It’s a play we’ve never seen before, ever. We should have had an offensive foul on the play.”

When asked about the play after the win, Waiters pointed out that Manu should have been called for a delay of game.

“I really don’t know what happened, to be honest,” Waiters said.

“Hopefully, they’re going to look at it and see he stepped out. Should have been a tech, too. When they look at it, they’ll see the truth. We played on. They got the ball back. We got a hell of a stop.”

When they look at the bizarre finish again, they will also see Kawhi Leonard holding Russell Westbrook’s jersey and OKC’s Steve Adams falling into the crowd and being held by a fan in the final seconds.

It’s too late to change any calls and/or change the outcome of game 2, it’s not too late to make sure this fan never steps foot in another NBA game. But if he did, would the NBA notice he committed a violation by stepping foot back in the arena?