Refs Eject Kyle Lowry & A Few Idiot Fans During Raptors Loss To Suns

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Brandon Knight Kyle Lowry

Was that a cheap shot by Kyle Lowry? Maybe a little bit of a flop by Brandon Knight? Cheap shot, flop or not, Kyle Lowry was ejected after the refs hit him with a flagrant two-foul for his 4th quarter hit on Knight. His first tech came when he told a ref a call was “fucking bullshit” earlier in the quarter.

“Honestly I thought he was going to go for a floater, I swiped across and hit his head,” Said Lowry, who was just 1 for 9 in the Raptors loss to the Suns. “He took another dribble. I’m not a dirty player and I already sent a text to him to apologize.”

The refs also ejected a few frustrated and disgraceful Raptors fans/losers for throwing objects at the Suns bench because their home team was about to take a L for a 3rd game in a row. Hopefully those fans get a lifetime ban from the arena.