Refs Still Don’t Like Nasty Dunks – LeBron on Gerald Henderson

Players in this post:
Gerald Henderson Jr. LeBron James

12.28.11:  Earlier this week we were talking about players getting called for offensive foul or ejected for dunking with “too much nastiness.” Well, the refs were at it again tonight.   While going for a routine LeBron cock back dunk, Gerald Henderson tried to be hero and block the shot.  What happened was LeBron dunked the ball so hard that the ball went through the hoop, hit Henderson on the head, then bounced back up through the net again.  2 points and 1 poster right.  Nope, 1 poster and 1 bad call as the refs said the dunk shouldn’t count.

Lucky for the Heat they didn’t need the help of the refs to prevent a dunk – they just needed LeBron


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