Refs Unfairly Give Russell Westbrook A Technical Foul For Kicking The Pope In The Groin

Ketntavious Caldwell-Pope had two memorable shots in the Pistons win over the Thunder on Monday. One was a very lucky circus shot in the 4th quarter (above) and the other was a not so lucky one for him and one-man show Russell Westbrook.

Near the end of the 2nd quarter, with the Thunder down by 16, Westbrook pulled up for a jump shot and his back foot accidentally kicked a trailing Pope in the groin. The refs called Pope for a foul and upon review, felt Westbrook deserved a tech.

“Apparently I kicked him on purpose or something,” said Westbrook, who finished the game with another ridiculous line (33 points, 15 rebounds, 8 assists) in another loss (4th in a row) for the Thunder.

No matter how many times I review the play, I shake my head every time. I also shake my head every time I watch Westbrook blow past Pope and throw down this ridiculous slam.