Reggie Evans gets tooth knocked out & barely reacts

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I’m surprised Reggie Evans doesn’t get more publicity.  The undrafted vet has been a rebounding beast for a decade and only ends up on highlight films for WTF moments.  But  his off the court antics don’t match Rodmans and his beard doesn’t match Rodman’s hair either.  He doesn’t have the likable personality of a Jayson Williams (without a gun in his hands of course) but he’s just as good or better at grabbing boards although most people only know him for grabbing Chris Kaman’s balls.

With Kim K’s ex not getting much PT in Brooklyn this has given Reggie 30+ mins a game for the past couple of months and he’s been rewarding the Nets with double figure boards every night with a 20+ rebounding game every few games.  He’s even put together some uncommon double doubles including a career game of 22 points and 26 rebounds against the Blazers.

Against the Bobcats the “star flopper,” motivational speaker for LeBron James and beast on the boards showed his toughness and added to his collection of WTF videos by having his tooth knocked out by MKG and acting like nothing happened.  There’s some players in the league that would act like they had a Kevin Ware injury if they needed a visit from the tooth fairy.

That’s not enough to stop Reggie.  He had ball to get and I don’t mean Chris Kaman’s balls.  His final stat line for the game was 14 points 20 rebounds 2 steals and -1 tooth.  So how do you like them apples?

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