Release Watch | Air Jordan Retro 11's Concords

Ballislife | Air Jordan 11 Concords
Ballislife | Air Jordan 11 Concords on Window

You don't have to be a "SNEAKER-HEAD" to know this shoe is something special. Many view the 11's as the best Jordan Shoe to ever hit the market. However you see it, just know these are a must "Cop" this Holiday Season. For us at Ballislife, what took this shoe to the next level was the packaging that Nike used. The shoe-box itself resembles a piano, with the black/white gloss finish, and the classic Retro 11 lettering almost look like keys. So put these on your Christmas list, and prepare to camp outside of your local shoe store. Because these are one of the most anticipated releases in many years.


Ballislife | Jordan 11 Concord Shoebox
Ballislife | Air Jordan 11 ShoeBox
Ballislife | Air Jordan 11 Concord shoebox
Ballislife | Air Jordan Retro 11 Bottoms
Ballislife | Air Jordan Retro 11s Concords on Street

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