Remembering Ray Allen's Historic Three That Saved The Miami Heat & "LeBron's Headband Game"

Rebound Bosh
Back out to Allen
His three-pointer


Today is the anniversary of Ray Allen's historic three-pointer from Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals.

If you are Kevin Garnett or Rajon Rondo, you will probably call it the anniversary of Chris Bosh's historic offensive rebound that led to a clutch three that put the game into OT.

If you hate LeBron like Rondo hates Allen, you will probably call it the anniversary of Jesus saving LeBron's legacy; I usually respond to those people by reminding them LeBron had a big quarter (16 points on 7-of-10 shooting) before Allen hit that big three and finished with 32 points, 11 assists, and 10 rebounds. I also like to remind people that LeBron playing most of the fourth quarter without his headband was such a big deal some refer to this game as the "LeBron James Headband Game."

If you are a Tracy McGrady fan, you will probably remember how bad you felt for T-Mac because this was the closest he ever got to winning an NBA championship ring.

If you are one of the many Miami Heat fans that left the game early (while T-Mac was thinking about where he was going to party later that night), you are probably still pissed that you paid a $hitload of money for tickets and didn't get to see the shot and overtime.

If you are the NBA, you will probably remember giving the orders to bring out the yellow tape and Championship trophy and then quickly putting it away because a Game 7 still needed to be played before crowning a champion.

Regardless of how you want to remember the final minute of the nerve-racking fourth quarter of Game 6, everyone can agree Ray Allen's shot is one of the most memorable and clutch ones in league history.

Here's a great deep dive into the shot by SB Nation, followed by a cool Micro-Movie about Game 6 and the internet's reaction to LeBron losing his headband.