Remembering when B.J. Armstrong led all guards (3rd overall) in All-Star votes in 1994

This is a good example of how much fans loved Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in the 90s. In 1994, the year Michael Jordan was playing baseball (or taking a temporary vacation if you are a believer in the gambling conspiracy), the Bulls’ BJ Armstrong averaged 16 points, 4 assists, 1 steal and was voted by the fans to START on the Eastern Conference All-Star team. More shocking than BJ getting more fan votes than Penny Hardaway, Reggie Miller, Steve Smith, Joe Dumars and Mark Price is BJ had the most votes among ALL guards that year. All meaning more than players like Gary Payton and John Stockton. Even more shocking, is the fact that BJ was THIRD overall in All-Star votes and finished just behind Charles Barkley and Shaq!

I like BJ and I’ve always considered him to be an underrated player, but voting for him just because you want to see a Bulls’ guard in the All-Star game is just crazy. At least he only got half as many votes (529K) as Michael Jordan did the previous year, but I’m still going to shake my head at the fact that BJ had more votes than Scottie Pippen (496K), who was having a career-best year.

“You play and do your best,” Armstrong said. “Individual success comes as a result of team success. But I work hard. Everything you get, you deserve. It’s been a long hard process, and a lot of people have helped me along the way. But I’ve always believed in myself.

“This is my fifth season in the league, and I look at this as a steppingstone. I will continue to work hard.” 

He did continue to work hard and did have a great career, which included 3 NBA championships and being the #1 pick in the 1995 expansion draft (although he refused to report to the Raptors). But, this was his first and last All-Star game.

1994 NBA All Star Game

So what’s he doing now? He’s only making a couple of dollars representing another popular Chicago Bulls guard by the name of Derrick Rose .


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