Remembering When Dwyane Wade Broke Eric Snow’s Ankles

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Today is the birthday of former NBA player and current assistant coach of Florida Atlantic University Eric Snow. Although Snow played 13 seasons in the NBA, there are not very many highlights of what Snow did on the court. Off the court, he won the NBA Sportsmanship and Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award. On it, his only accolade was a selection to the All-Defensive 2nd team. But when you say Eric Snow, defense and Florida, there’s one play that might pop up in your head.

Flashback to Snow’s final season in the NBA, 2008, he, LeBron and the Cavs were playing against LeBron’s future team. Snow had the nightmarish task of guarding Dwyane Wade, who crossed Snow so bad he crossed him into retirement! OK, OK, Snow didn’t retire right after the ankle breaker but the ankle breaker did become a video that was constantly replayed while Snow was working with NBATV after his retirement….and it drove him crazy!

To this day, Snow believes he was pushed by Wade and Wade denies pushing Snow.

So to celebrate the birthday of a player who was drafted in the 2nd round and almost played for a decade and a half, here are 2 minutes of actual positive Eric Snow highlights.