Reporter Asks Kyrie Irving if LeBron James Is a Father Figure

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When are these reporters going to stop acting like LeBron James is Kyrie Irving’s dad.  Earlier in the month, Kyrie just shook his head when an ESPN reporter wanted LeBron to scold and talk about him while he was sitting right next to LeBron.  Today, a reporter asked 23 year old Kyrie if 30 year old LeBron plays a “parental role” to the team.

A shocked looking Kyrie laughed off the question and made it clear he only has one father and his name is Drederick Irving.


As for LeBron, he had this to say about HIS mentoring role with the current team.

“I just try to lead these guys, try to give them the right path and it’s up to those guys to decide which way they want to go,” James said. “They listen to my command. I demand excellence out of every last one of them, including myself, and I just want them to be great.”




Source: Complex