Reporter Calls JR Smith “Kyrie,” Smith Jokes About Getting Paid Like Kyrie Irving

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The return of Kyrie Irving was the big story on Sunday so it’s understandable why this Fox Sports reporter accidentally addressed JR Smith as Kyrie Irving.  If you follow JR Smith on social media then you know he’s full of great one-liners, replies and jokes so it was no surprise he came up with a great one in response to the goof.

“I’ll be Kyrie. Let me get that Kyrie money too.”

There’s usually a percentage of truth behind every joke and although I don’t believe Smith believes he deserves to be paid what Kyrie gets, I’m sure he doesn’t like the idea that Kyrie gets paid more than 3 times what he does: Smith is making $5 million this year and Irving $16.4.

Smith also has a player option for next season and a no-trade clause. The deal was signed late in the summer after Smith opted out of his $6.4 million contract.


As funny as it was hearing the reporter ask about Irving when he wasn’t there, it’s not as funny as the time Mark Schwartz was asking about Kyrie as if he wasn’t there, when he was.

Source: USA Today