Retro Ads: Kareem’s Sky Hook Shoes by Adidas (only size 16 feet!)


The most surprising thing about this 80’s ad from Adidas is it says Kareem only wears a size 16 shoe. Considering LeBron James wears a size 16 and Shaq wears a size 21, you would think the almost 7’2″ player would have bigger feet (do not insert anatomy joke here).

Let’s check out his other measurements.

7-1.88 (7-1.375 UCLA, 7-1.625 Bucks training camp, 7-1.88 Bucks training camp yr 2)
Wingspan: 7-5

Playing Weight:
225lbs – rookie
231lbs – 2nd season
235lbs – early career
240lbs – mid career
267lbs – late career

Oh well, so his feet aren’t that “impressive” but his skyhook was. Here’s six minutes of the most unstoppable shot ever followed by some comments by Kareem on his trademark move which was given a name by Milwaukee Bucks announcer Eddie Doucette during Kareem’s days in Milwaukee.

Kareem on trying to defend the skyhook

“I don’t recall it ever being blocked by somebody who was guarding me,” Abdul-Jabbar said. “Maybe a few people got to it, coming to help where I couldn’t see them, but if I knew where someone was, that person was not going to block that shot, because I always got my body in between them and the ball before I released the ball, and it’s impossible to get to it. Manute Bol was [five] inches taller than me and I shot a number of them on him and made them without him blocking it.

“Nobody really presented a challenge to me getting it off. Wilt [Chamberlain] was pretty good, too. Wilt tried to time it and he could really leap, but he just couldn’t get there in time.”

“I used it to become the leading scorer in the history of the NBA. There has to be something about it that works.”

Read more about the history of the Skyhook at ESPN

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