Rick Fox dunks on a few players during the filming of a TV show...with the help of a ladder

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Do you ever watch movies and cringe during basketball scenes where they cut to the rim to show a shot going through the net or a guy dunking with his head over the rim.  If you ever wondered why the dunks look so fake and staged it's because it is as evident by the video above from the filming of the TV show The Glades.

The episode features  former NBA player Rick Fox, never known for dunking, catching an alley-oop over a couple of defenders.  To achieve this effect, Fox jumped off a ladder positioned high enough that Fox would be coming down when he catches the oop.

This must of been extra amusing to the guy filming this video.  The man behind the camera is none other than Brandon "Werm" Lacue who is one of the world's best dunkers and a 3 time Sprite Showdown Winner.  He's also the inventor of the scoop dunk that DeMar DeRozan did in a dunk contest a few years ago and was a "consultant" for Rudy Gay when he did the dunk contest.

Since there wasn't any proof that Rick Fox ever dunked on somebody on YouTube, I uploaded this video of Fox, along with Horace Grant and Shaq, dunking on Sabonis in the same game.

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[youtube id="-F83h2vKd8Q" width="600" height="350"]

[youtube id="iummB_zjIwc" width="600" height="350"]

[youtube id="d7QqvCGW5Aw" width="600" height="350"]


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