Rick Ross Official Apology To Reebok

With all the drug lyrics that Rick Ross raps abouts, i find it very odd that Reebok would react this way to his most recent verse on U.O.E.N.O . Not only does he have a image of being one of the biggest drug dealers but his lyrics are also very violet and inappropriate for children. This doesn't take anything away from Ross's talent. I believe he's one of the best artist of our time. But never the less He's a RAPPER and every rapper raps about drugs,money,cars,and women. Its funny to me that the artist today can rap about killing someone and not get arrested but they take this simple lyric out of context. Not only do i think Reebok over reacting but how could you drop Rick Ross but Keep Tyga as your main endorser?. Especially When "Molly" is the titled of Tygas Latest single. Seems to me like Reebok had to pay Rick Ross a lot more money then they expected, and as a result they got out of the deal as soon as they found an opportunity
Reebok stated a few days ago that they did not feel Rick Ross showed enough remorse in the beginning of this matter. I wonder how they feel after seeing his sincere apology


“Before I am an artist, I am a father, a son, and a brother to some of the most cherished women in the world. So for me to suggest in any way that harm and violation be brought to a woman is one of my biggest mistakes and regrets. As an artist, one of the most liberating things is being able to paint pictures with my words. But with that comes a great responsibility. And most recently, my choice of words was not only offensive, it does not reflect my true heart. And for this, I apologize.
To every woman that has felt the sting of abuse, I apologize. I recognize that as an artist I have a voice and with that, the power of influence. To the young men who listen to my music, please know that using a substance to rob a woman of her right to make a choice is not only a crime, it’s wrong and I do not encourage it. To my fans, I also apologize if I have disappointed you. I can only hope that this sparks a healthy dialogue and that I can contribute to it.”
I want to thank Reebok Classics for their hard work and dedication over this past year.Good partners,good shoe.continued success.
— Mastermind (@rickyrozay) April 12, 2013

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