Ricky “Never Dunked In A NBA Game” Rubio Can Throw It Down! Dunks Vs Nigeria

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Zach LaVine Ricky Rubio

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And you thought Zach LaVine was the best dunk on the Wolves!

Ricky Rubio has made hundreds of assist to high-flying teammates for a dunk and has had his shares of getting dunked on moments, but one thing the 5-year vet, who grew up obsessing over Michael Jordan and told his mom he “wanted to be black,” has never done in a NBA game, is throw down a dunk.

Well, he still hasn’t, but he did throw down a dunk during a much needed Olympic win against Nigeria on Thursday. The win gave Spain fan some hope of winning a medal and the dunk gave me hope that I will one day see a NBA dunk from him…even if it is just during warm-ups.

Because I really don’t want to have to keep showing this 6-year old basketball camp video.