Ricky Rubio grew up obsessed with Michael Jordan and "wanted to be black"

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During a recent interview with Cadena Ser, Spaniard Ricky Rubio talked about his love for the GOAT (Michael Jordan) and growing up wanting to be...black. Seriously, as a child, he wanted to grow up to be a black man. Here's his full quote, translated by HoopsHype.

I was obsessed with Jordan. I just watched the NBA and just watched black players. I wanted to play (in the States) and I told my mother I wanted to be black.

Unfortunately, he grew up to be a couple of inches shorter and a few shades lighter than MJ. He also can't fly or shoot or play D like Mike. But in my book, he can be just as fun to watch...sometimes.

Even when he's missing wide-open jumpers, it's hard not to like this guy after reading that quote and watching these videos.

Source: Sportando.net


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