Ricky Rubio's inspirational pep talk to Alexey Shved "change this face, be happy, enjoy!"

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Ricky Rubio Alexey Shved

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Here's your daily/morning inspiration.  This clip should replace Bobby McFerrins' song "Don't worry be happy" as the go to audio when you are feeling down.  How can you not smile hearing Ricky Rubio and his accent say "Change this face, be happy, enjoy!"

The reason for this little pep talk is Alexey Shved has been awful of late.  He was an unenjoyable 1-8 against the Lakers last night and this is coming after a 2-9 and a 2-7 game. Earlier this month he even had a 0-4 and a couple 3-10 nights.  Hopefully, Rubio gets him back on track.  Shved is a very talented player and decent playmaker but obviously not a leader like Rubio.


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