Former NBA Player & College Coach Brooks Thompson Dies At Age 45


On Thursday night, former NBA player and college coach Brooks Thompson passed away at the age of 45.

Thompson was fired from the University of Texas at San Antonio in March, diagnosed with double organ failure a few weeks later and has spent much of the past couple of months being hospitalized.

Via Michelle Thompson on Facebook in May

Brooks has an infection – his immune system is not very strong right now. It’s taking his body a little longer to fight it off. Unfortunately, there have been other side effects to healing this blood infection. We just pray that God continues his work in Brooks!!

“No matter what happens”……those words keep ringing in my ear! Through this process I have begged God to heal Brooks and make him new again so he can come home and be with us! I have come to grips with “no matter what happens” it is Gods will! I have given God all of my fears, doubts, hopes and most important of all — I have given God Brooks! His WILL will be done……

Although most probably know him as a coach, Thompson has a special place in my heart because he played for and was drafted (27th) by my favorite team of all-time: the mid 90’s Shaq and Penny Orlando Magic. Like every bench player not named Brian Shaw, Brooks didn’t produce much on the young potential dynasty team but he was a fan favorite and I was one of those fans.

Thompson is survived by his wife and three daughters.