RIP Jerome “JC” Coleman Jr (1992-2011)

The dunk world lost a great player and friend last night when Jerome “JC” Coleman passed away in his sleep.   JC was a rising star and mostly known for his standout performance at the Atlanta Sprite Showdown contest earlier this year where he beat out a tough lineup of known dunkers in front of dunk legends/judges Dominique Wilkins & Daryll Dawkins.

RIP JC from the entire Ballislife & Sprite Showdown family!


Below is a tribute mix made  by Flying101 and their thoughts on JC

[youtube id=”KhZ-KNWNYvE” width=”600″ height=”350″]

wow, where do I even start? I still cannot believe this happened. I just saw him not too long ago and talked to him the other day. he is still signed onto my AIM as if I can still talk to him. he was so healthy and just 19…I cannot believe he’s gone.
I wanted to make a better eulogy video, but cmon….making this mix felt like the death of me. I nearly puked at some points and got a mammoth headache. I wish someone else had his footage, because making any more of this was too difficult and sickening.
I feel especially bad for his family and Pierce Wells in particular. But Jerome, if I could say so about anyone- put others above himself. At dunk sessions he would try and get his friends to dunk more than he did himself. He would film his friends and send me the sessions entirely. He was never about the spotlight for himself. He wanted the spotlight to be on his entire group as well. He lived a straight forward, clean, Christian life. If there is one person you can rest assured of being in a better place, it would be him.

As a dunker, he hit many dunks that we never put on yt. He was a lot sicker than people realize. He was one of the very few who hit 360 between the legs off both plants. you can see the reverse 360 btl at the end, on a legit rim, but we never released that because of how bad the resolution was. I have so many more unreleased sessions of him. He gave me his entire harddrive of dunks….I don’t know what to do. I mean I realize he would want me to release it, but theres no way I’ll be able to mix it…..

One of the last things Jerome said to me was he wanted to organize a gathering of all the dunk crews in the world and have an annual dunkers convention. Why not? Someone make it happen.

In terms of his importance to us, he and Hagan were the reasons we continued our dunk channel. They were the 2 dunkers that were the closest to us, and they repped us above all. It was him and Hagan who really pushed me to start this channel back up again, and even when I wanted to quit those 2 pushed to keep going. We evolved to becoming focused on 4 dunkers – Jerome, Hagan, Inman, and John Clark, with Haneef giving us a huge jump start. Jerome and I were working hard together on making a mini tour happen here locally in Georgia aimed for the beginning of February. We wanted to jump start this team and raise interest locally by putting on a few shows. He really wanted it to happen, and he began training for it and calling different organizers. I feel we should do the events in his honor, but it is hard to gather any motivation to do them. We needed Jerome…he was as much a part of this as anyone, and we’re out of funding and a few hundred short. I know Jerome would want us to do the tour, but it’s hard. We were supposed to do this together…….It was supposed to be us 4 as a group….all of us….no one left behind. Where do we go from here? What do we do now? As for me, I will probably be back after awhile to release more videos, as it would be unfair to people who’ve worked hard and deserve to have their stuff released. But I don’t think anyone would have a problem with this channel taking a bit of a hiatus for now. This is all too sudden, shocking and very very hurtful. However, what we are going through as a team isn’t even remotely close to what his close friends and family are going through. It’s ok if you feel bad for us, but really they are the ones who need comfort and your prayers. It’s times like these where you just have to trust that God took him early because God just liked him as is.





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